$5,000 HSO Sponsorship

The Year Rounder 📣

Sponsor HSO for an entire year! In addition to Carnival placement, you’ll be the sponsor of the HSO newsletter, Coin Wars, and more!

How long do sponsorships last?

Sponsoships run from March 1st, 2023 through March 1st, 2024. Benefits that mention Carnival specifically are related to our Spring Carnival held in April of 2023. Promotions for Carnival are for the two months leading up to the event.

How much reach will the packages offer?

As a small school in a small town, our goal with these packages was to make sure that you’re able to reach the entire town. We’ve built up our distribution over the past year with that in mind. If your goal is to reach the Colwich Elementary School community and the town of Colwich, we can help!

  • Our website received over 5,000 views over the past year.
  • These views were high quality, with an average duration of over 2 minutes.
  • Our mailing list directly reaches out to over 100 local families each month.
  • Attendance to our events ranges from 300 to 700+ people.

Can you tell me more about the digital benefits of sponsorship?

We have 5 main ways to promote your business digitally: the HSO website, the Carnival website, the HSO newsletter, and the Cardinal Chat school newsletter, and on Facebook. The higher sponsorship package you purchase, the higher visibility you will get. Top of page mentions will always appear above the fold. Premium placement mentions will be 50% of the page or higher, with visibility on almost every page of the site. Standard placement will be higher on the Carnival website, but lower on the HSO website year round. Ultimately, our goal is to help promote your business. With appreciation of your support, we will do our best to fairly represent your brand.

Can you tell me more about the print benefits of sponsorship?

Our print options refer to Carnival and other in person events. If you’re the sponsor of an additional HSO with adults attending, your banner will be on display there as well. Otherwise, depending on your package, the print benefits will be a combinaiton of the following:

  • Your name on the print banner with other Text Package sponsors.
  • Your logo on the logo banner with other Logo Package sponsors.
  • Your logo on flags lining the Carnival entrance.
  • Your logo on a dedicated banner to be displayed in a high traffic area during Carnival.
  • Your logo on a pedestal in front of a game or activity that you are sponsoring.
  • Your name or logo on print marketing materials like flyers, maps, and other Carnival promotions.

What are the year round benefits?

The year round benefits are a way for you to continue to engage with the school community over the course of a year. Between website traffic and monthly newsletters, families will see your support on the various marketing materials. These benefits will guarantee you the most exposure that we can offer.

How will the money from my sponsorship be used?

Donations go back to the school in a variety of forms. Field trips, supplies and teacher appreciation are examples of recurring expenses. We also save towards larger expenses. In recent years, we have purchased a new sound system for the school, and the digital marquee out front. Currently, we’re fundraising for a new playground.

How do I purchase a sponsorship?

To complete the purchase, you can click the Purchase Package buttons on the sponsor pages of this website. That will take you to a form. Once completed, you can pay by check or card. For your records, our 501(c)(3) information is:

Name: Colwich Home & School Organization
EIN: 46-4417245
401 S Marian St.
Colwich, KS 67030

Can I donate a custom amount?

We’re appreciative of any support you can give. Whether your donation is less than $100, or more than $5,000, we will do our best to accomodate you. For lower donations, we will include you on a sponsors page of our website. For larger donors, we would love to talk about ways we can help. Examples can be increased promotion, physical landmarks, and so on.