HSO Meeting Minutes

Notes From the Meeting on Jan 11th, 2022 ⌛

Below you will find everything we went over during this HSO meeting.


Rebecca Wineinger, Amanda Campbell, Allyson Mendenhall, Jaclyn Walker, Crystal Ackerman

Call To Order

Rebecca W, Amanda C 2nd

Approval of Minutes

Allyson M move to approve, Rebecca W 2nd

Officer Reports

  1. President:
    • Read thank you notes from the 2nd grade and from Mrs Tice
    • Elf store thank yous
    • Going to need to start carnival talk tonight
    • Appreciate volunteers, teachers, everyone that works for HSO
  2. Vice President
  3. Treasurer:
    • Current balance: Contact HSO
  4. Secretary

Old Business/Committee Reports

  1. Elf Store
    • Overview - how did it go? - went well. No real hiccups.
    • Feedback from teachers - pretty much all positive. One thing noted were the odd item prices (not even numbers: $1, $1.50, etc)Need more help for younger ages.
    • Ideas for next year - our own elf store? (We purchase items and sell at even dollar amounts.) Be sure to adjust helpers for younger ages. They need more hands and more time!
    • Make any changes adjustment in Fall 2022
  2. Staff Christmas present from HSO
    • Appreciation Station - everyone loved it!
    • New commercial grade Keurig
    • Gift really went over well with teachers and staff!
  3. Approved Teacher funding requests
    • Mrs Ast - 2nd grade field trip to City Arts
    • Mrs Terry - supplies for Kindergarten to make gingerbread houses
    • Mrs Heimerman - provide job cards for MS

New Business/Announcements

  1. New Teacher funding requests
    • Mr Stone - Sound system/mics - $4,487 (see spec chart)
    • Funding provided by the Campbell Foundation, pending receival of check. Full amount will be provided
    • Possibly Stuco (dodgeball prizes)
    • Kenny should be purchasing water filter for teacher lounge soon (yearly purchase we provide for.)
  2. Carnival!!!
    • Date - Friday, April 29, 2022: Starts at 5pm
    • Donation letter ready Friday
      • Will be mailed to all businesses in Colwich
      • People will need to go out on a Saturday to ask around for donations
    • Lay out meeting schedule
      • Feb 1st, 6pm @ Gambino’s - Carnival meeting
  3. Teacher Conference Lunch in February (17th & 18th)
    • Lunch on Thursday or Breakfast on Friday
    • Allyson emailing Mr Stone to set up meals
  4. Replenishing Teacher Appreciation Cart in lounge
    • Set cart budget for the year
      • Refill quarterly
      • $800 year budget
      • Amanda C will continue handling this year, making a list of items. Then this can be a volunteer position for next year.
  5. Room moms - If classrooms need some helping hands, teachers are welcome to ask parents for help (but not invite all parents!)
  6. Teacher appreciation Monday May 2-Friday May 6, 2022
  7. Next meeting - Tuesday, April 19 @ 6pm in CES Library


Elf Shelf Holiday Store Feedback

Request for Funds

Adjournment Time


Who can attend HSO meetings?

Any parent or guardian of children enrolled in CES, or anyone in the Renwick school district interested in the purposes of the organization.

Why should I attend?

This is a great way to meet other parents and to help your child’s school.

How many meetings a year?

Only 4 meetings! Check the calendar for details. We might have additional meetings if they are needed for the carnival fundraiser.

I missed a meeting. How can I stay informed?

We post all of our meeting minutes online. You can find them here.

What time are the meetings?

We start promptly at 6 pm.

Where are the meetings?

Most often they will be at CES in the music room located next to the new south gym. Please be on the lookout for any changes.

Where do I park?

Park behind the school and use the west entrance.

How long are the meetings?

We do our best to keep the meetings to 75 minutes. There may be times that they go slightly over.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, but please bring them a quiet activity to keep them entertained. If bringing a tablet, please bring headphones. Mainly, we’re just trying to avoid disturbing the meeting.

Is there food or drink?

We will not be serving any food or drink.

What is discussed at the meetings?

We discuss upcoming events (i.e. Coffee with Cardinals, Fundraisers, etc.). We also vote on what to fund for CES. Then we’ll get to discuss ideas and issues with teachers and the principal.

What do I need to bring to the meetings?

You may need a pen/pencil and a smile. We will provide a handout with the agenda.

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